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Do your products or services have a market in Australia? What kind of certification and standards are you required to comply with? Who are your competitors? What are the price points? At this point we are basically conducting a thorough analysis of the market and its dynamics for your products and brand. We assist you with comprehensive information to draw a market access strategy.



Who are the big distributors, wholesalers and retailers? What are they looking for? What do they need? Who are the key people, decision makers to talk to in these companies? At this point, we provide a detailed list of your potential future partners in Australia with detailed information on the company, key personnel and activities.



B2B or B2C. From awareness to closing deals. Once you decide on your market access strategy, we assist you with execution. We provide a range of services to successfully market your products or services, including but not limited to localising your existing marketing materials, setting up one-on-one C level business meetings, launchings your 3PL localised e-commerce operation, and more.

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Communications and Marketing, Famona Rose

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