Therapeutic - Diabetic - Orthopaedic Shoes

Blink Group PTY Ltd. has become the Australian distributor of Turkey’s top quality manufacturer of therapeutic, diabetic and orthopaedic shoes, TDO Therapy.
TDO Therapy trademark meaning that carries ”Therapeutic-Diabetic-Orthopaedic” feature boots, shoes,sandals,clogs,insoles and socks which produced according to Clinical Standards by careful adherence to International Medical Norms.TDO Therapy brand products carry protective features.The purpose of this, t o prevent the formation of foot symptoms and many orthopaedic foot problems, extend the problematic feet’s life and make THERAPY to tired and painful feet.
TDO Therapy Footwear, which has the International CE, EN ISO, UK’s Footwear Guide Certificates and has Utility Model Certificate approved by the Turkish Patent Institute, is produced with the combination of high-quality, advanced technology and handmade craft. With its hundreds of models, forms and design options, it is possible to produce suitable for every taste footwear ; shoes, boots, sandals and clogs models It offers.