Fine Food: Dried Fruit and Nuts


GOAL: Promotion – Enhancing the Brand Recognition 

Turkey has been one of the main sponsors and participants of the annual Fine Food Expo. Blink Group PTY Ltd was asked to enhance Turkey’s national participation in this event by a number of promotional activities.



Based upon insightful market analysis conducted by Blink Group, the customer was advised to undertake a new approach to the market. 



In line with the new approach, an activation campaign was designed and carried out on behalf of the customer. 



An increased number of expo visitors visited the Turkish booth. The country’s strong position in the industry segment was underlined with extra outdoor media buying around the expo area that visually dominated the precinct. 



Major promotional activities planned for 2020 and 2021

Turkish Exporters Union: Natural Stones

GOAL: Increase sales through lead generation, organising meetings

Fine Food: Dried Fruit and Nuts

GOAL: Promoting Turkish Dried Fruit and Nuts, Enhancing the Brand Recognition 

Electric and Electronics: Trade Delegation 

GOAL: Creating Awareness in Turkey’s strong position as a manufacturing hub, increase bi-lateral trade

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