Standards and Certification


GOAL: Obtaining necessary certifications of a building material for the Australian market.

Blink Group PTY Ltd. was contracted by an importer who had been trying to obtain necessary approvals for an innovative building material in order to market the product in Australia. 


Blink Group, through its vast network of industry experts and relevant bodies, have identified the right people with right knowledge and experience in order to create a pathway towards certification.


With overseas manufacturer, local importer, experts and testing facilities the job required a major coordination effort.


Through its engagement with the right people, Blink Group has managed to coordinate a fast tracked certification process for its client, who is expected to gain necessary approvals by mid 2021 to shake Australian building industry with the innovative material.

Turkish Exporters Union: Natural Stones

GOAL: Increase sales through lead generation, organising meetings

Fine Food: Dried Fruit and Nuts

GOAL: Promoting Turkish Dried Fruit and Nuts, Enhancing the Brand Recognition 

Electric and Electronics: Trade Delegation 

GOAL: Creating Awareness in Turkey’s strong position as a manufacturing hub, increase bi-lateral trade

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