Turkish Exporters Union: Natural Stones


GOAL: Increase sales through accurate lead generation

Blink Group PTY Ltd. assisted Istanbul Mining and Metallurgy Exporters’ Union (IMIB) trade delegation during their visit to Australia in November 2019. The delegation was formed of 15 Turkish natural stone companies seeking to enhance their relationships with Australian natural stone companies. 

Blink Group was contracted by IMIB, two months prior to the visit. 

Upon the successful completion of the trade delegation, Turkish natural stone exports to Australia increased by an average of 25% over the same period as compared to the previous calendar year. 


Blink Group provided a market report to the Union ahead of the visit enabling participants spending their precious time to make new business deals.  

A list of 350 potential customers with detailed information was collated and shared with the Union representatives for approval based on their requirements. 

Blink Group launched a visually compelling registration page in order to provide comprehensive information about the profiles of participating Turk’sh companies to Australian importers.

Simultaneously, Blink Group engaged with industry media outlets and implemented a paid social media campaign for the promotion of the event as a business opportunity to Australian companies. 

A team of Blink Group personnel carried out a targeted outbound campaign to ensure all relevant Australian businesses and key decision makers become aware of the visit. 


The industry events took place in Sydney and Melbourne during the weekdays. Considering the time and travel constraints that might prevent interested Australian companies to attend the events, Blink Group also arranged group site visits. 



During the week, two B2B meeting events were held in Sydney and Melbourne. Overall representatives from 15 Turkish companies conducted 320 one-on-one meetings with 44 Australian companies out of 65 that previously registered via the event page. 

Turkish Exporters Union: Natural Stones

GOAL: Increase sales through lead generation, organising meetings

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